Explore the Chasm of Warriors.

Don’t just fasten up your seatbelt, fix a sword with it! Get ready for the greatest adventure of all time.
No magical story would have led you to the land of Regals like this game. Absolutely fun, it is an easy
collectible card game wherein you have to defend as well as destroy.

Coming soon to strategize your legendary moves

True gaming lovers

Epiko Regal About us


Epiko Regal deals in creating an ecosystem where players can connect and have an experience of lifetime with the legends on a digital platform. This experience is accessible to both hard core players as well as semi-pro players who earn tokens for app usage and by playing the game.

These tokens can be used to buy chests, gems, cards, gold and to obtain collectibles. Once listed, our token can be traded in the crypto space.


Home Work


Epiko Regal is the fast-paced brawler where you collect cards and duel players in real time.
Epiko Regal is committed to bring epic experience not only to the hard-core players but also to the casual and semi-pro players.
We are growing at a very faster rate, thereby, we are committed to have strong community support. Join us over our facebook page, twitter page, telegram group , Instagram page and stay updated with our upcoming features!
You can reach us at all social media platforms- Facebook, twitter, telegram and check our blog over medium to stay updated about the project!